Firmware Developer

As a Firmware Developer, you’ll help us develop firmware that runs on thousands of Trezor devices all over the world. Basically, our products put people at ease knowing their digital assets are safe. Your job here will consist of providing new features, fixing bugs, and solving difficult technical problems. Along the way, you'll gain valuable insights into the practical application of cryptography.

We picture you as a skilled developer who has a background in Python programming and has completed at least some side projects in Rust. A solid understanding of C will also be necessary.

Together, we will bring new hardware wallets to life, including a flagship Trezor product with Bluetooth connectivity. Sounds exciting, right?


What will your duties be?

  • in short, you’ll work on Trezor Core - firmware for Trezor written in Rust and Micropython
  • you'll join a team of 5 people
  • your day-to-day tasks will consist of:
    • writing reusable, testable, and efficient code
    • working on new features for our customers
    • improving the codebase, code review
  • since our work is open source, you can have a look at our GitHub and CI to see what we’re currently working on


What technologies do we use?

  • languages: async Python (MicroPython, to be precise), Rust, and C
  • Python tools: poetry, mypy, black, isort, pytest and others (simply check out our Poetry setup)
  • CI: GitLab and GitHub Actions


What makes you the perfect candidate?

  • you have 5+ years of programming experience
  • you’ve spent at least 2 years programming in Python
  • you have a good knowledge of C
  • you have worked with Rust before, not necessarily in a professional capacity
  • you’re well familiar with Git
  • you understand the importance of code testing and have previous experience with CI
  • we’ll also appreciate it if you know the basic principles of cryptography
  • experience with embedded development is an advantage


What will you get in return?

  • unique opportunity to be a part of a brand that has revolutionized the crypto industry more than once
  • ability to receive part of your compensation in bitcoin
  • free reign and an amazing team of people who’ll help you put ideas into practice
  • flexible working hours as well as the possibility of working from home
  • budget for professional development (training programs, courses, and workshops of your choice)
  • renovated offices (including gym, football table, billiards, PlayStation and 3D printer)
  • other benefits such as a MultiSport card, company mobile phone tariff, etc.
  • free on-site parking


If you think your profile fits the description above, please don't hesitate to submit your CV, together with a cover letter and some examples of your work. We’ll definitely get in touch with you as soon as we review your application, most likely within a week.

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