Head of IT and Security

At SatoshiLabs, security has always been our top priority. Since the early days, we have recognized the dangers of weak security policies and strategies. To mitigate risks, we quickly implemented all available measures and advanced the industry by inventing the Trezor hardware wallet and other widely adopted standards (such as Passphrases, Shamir Backup and Recovery seeds) which has contributed to our global success.

Now, as we’re growing bigger than ever, we’re looking for a Head of IT and Security who will go beyond creating safe policies and guidelines on paper and also implement, maintain, and optimize practical security steps throughout the entire SatoshiLabs holding which includes Trezor, Invity, Tropic Square and Vexl.

If security is your cup of tea, this could be just the job for you.


What will your duties be?

Your work should cover two main areas:

1. Taking care of security in the whole SatoshiLabs holding

You’ll be expected to take initiative and discover our weak spots yourself. We want you to investigate, identify problems and then collaborate with the relevant Heads to improve their departments’ security. The work itself can contain various actions such as:

  • Securing our products
    • You’ll help us improve our products from a security perspective. This may involve negotiating penetration testing from an external partner or dealing with various security incidents. You’ll help coordinate and communicate on these topics.
  • PII
    • We are determined to keep our customers’ data safe. We gather as little data as possible from our customers and encourage our third parties to do the same. You’ll help us in this quest.
  • Physical security and company equipment
    • We have a huge office that’s open to all our colleagues and hosts a lot of equipment. Regular audits are necessary, as well as coming up with suggestions on what we could improve, how we could ensure that only authorized people get inside and that we only use secure tools.
  • Security practices
    • Here you’ll just develop processes that we’ve grown used to. Make sure every single person knows how to work with sensitive, or even secret data and knows how to avoid falling for a phishing scam. You’ll stress the importance of 2FA, password managers, and other measures. This applies to physical security as well.
    • We’d like to focus on regular, company-wide prevention, rather than ad hoc reminders not to do this or that.
  • Paperwork
    • As we’ve established our brand on the global market, it’s essential to know what restrictionsresponsibilitiesand regulations we’re facing in individual countries and make sure we are fully compliant wherever it's possible. This goes along with some necessary paperwork.

2. Supervising our IT department

In our company, security and IT go hand in hand and this role should take care of the skilled team of four IT admins easily.


What makes you the perfect candidate?

  • You have previous experience in the field of information security, even better if it’s your hobby
  • You strive to enhance security for the whole company with practical reasons, not just to tick some boxes
  • You’re good at planningnegotiatingand setting priorities
  • You can easily communicate with other colleagues, you have strong soft-skills
  • You can think outside the box and identify some risks no one else is aware of
  • You can communicate complex topics to less technically skilled peers
  • You understand security is a trade-off and you’ll therefore not push for security at the cost of usability unless it is strictly necessary
  • You have basic management experience or willingness to pursue a such role


What will you get in return?

  • Unique opportunity to be a part of a brand that has revolutionized the crypto industry more than once
  • Ability to receive part of your compensation in bitcoin
  • Free reign and an amazing team of people who’ll help you put ideas into practice
  • Flexible working hours as well as the possibility of working from home
  • Budget for professional development (training programs, courses, and workshops of your choice)
  • Renovated offices (including gym, football table, billiards, PlayStation and a 3D printer)
  • Other benefits such as a MultiSport card, company mobile phone tariff, etc.
  • Free on-site parking


If you think your profile fits the description above, please don't hesitate to submit your CV, along with a cover letter. We’ll definitely get in touch with you as soon as we review your application, most likely within a week.

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